The Chatelaine's Garbage

Because I am my poetics, I'm going to track my daily garbage. It might also help me dump less on others. Also, in the words of William Rathje, founder of the University of Arizona's Garbage Project, *REFUSE REFLECTS TRUTH*. Garbage sorting reveals that "what we do and what we say we do are two different things."

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Jan. 24, 2006

fallen poinsettia leaf

pistils from 4 cherry lilies

emptied plastic bag container to Mariani dried Philippine mangos

fragments of silver wrapping paper

paper & foil wrapping to Cadbury fruit and raisin chocolate bar

coffee grounds for 1 cup

3 EQUAL packets


4 paper towels to clean-up Gabriela’s wee-wee accident

kitty piss & shit clumps

1 piece of scrap paper

2 pieces of small scrap papers

2 broken eggshells

plastic wrap from loaf of bread

plastic wrap to tray of dog food

plastic cover to dog’s knuckle bone

2 paper napkins

dog fur

meat pieces from dog’s knuckle bone

2 pieces of junk mail

1 pen

plastic spoon

saran wrap that covered country pate

plastic bag and wrapping to roast beef slice

sliced-off edge to book mailer

tape fragments

peel-off backing to book mailer

book mailer

bubblewrap, 1 box, Styrofoam pellets and wrapping paper for sending books


book mailer

scrap paper to make 2 mailing labels

7 cans of dog food

1 diet coke can

cardboard tray that held canned dog food



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